Simplicity is an independent fund company based in Varberg, on the Swedish west coast.

The company was founded in 2002 when we launched our first equity fund, Simplicity Norden, which since inception has been highly ranked among its peers and have outperformed its benchmark index. Today Simplicity consists of five equity funds spanning the major global markets and three fixed income funds which cover asset classes ranging between interest-bearing securities to global corporate bonds.

We are authorized by the Swedish financial supervisory authority.

The organization is built around efficiency and quality, where all functions for the day to day operations are to be found under the same roof. This enables us to streamline our fund management, whilst at the same time offer you as an investor high quality services. Regardless the nature of your question, the answer is oftentimes to be found within the four walls of Simplicity. Read more about the people behind Simplicity.

Responsible investments

Simplicity acts as a responsible asset manager by integrating sustainability into our investment process. We are signatories of the UN PRI principles for responsible investments, work tighly together with GES International to quickly find out about violations and conduct recurring in-house research to make as informed decisions as possible regarding sustainability issues. Read more about our work as responsible asset managers here.

Equity Funds

Simplicity’s systematic investment models continually scan markets in over 40 countries, searching for high performing stocks at attractive valuations. All of our equity funds at Simplicity share the same investment strategy, whilst all being individually managed at the same time. Our model based strategy consists of a multitude of different models continually scanning all major global markets. The end goal is to find well-managed companies at attractive valuations. This strategy has kept our first fund, Simplicity Norden, highly ranked among its peers and well above its benchmark index for more than 15 years. Read more about our equity funds here. 

Fixed Income Funds

Our fixed income fund offering consist of one money market fund, Simplicity Likviditet, and two corporate bond funds, Simplicity Företagsobligationer and Simplicity Global Corporate Bond. The three different fixed income portfolios cover asset types ranging from SEK-denominated money market securities with high credit ratings, to high yield global corporate bonds. Our first fixed income fund, Simplicity Likviditet, was launched in 2006. Read more about our fixed income funds here. 

Simplicity customer service

For questions regarding our funds, further information material or other questions, please contact our customer service. Phone +46 (0)340-21 95 00. E-mail: Our opening hours are weekdays 08:00 – 17:00 (closed for lunch 12:00 – 13:00).

Contact persons

CEO – Ulf Ingemarson
Marketing & Employees – Hans Bergqvist
Fund Management – Henrik Tingstorp
Backoffice – Benny Andersson
Risk Manager – Johan Rönliden


Board of directors

Jonas Wollin (Chairman of the board), Rudholm Group AB
Michael Lindengren, Chairman at Acrap AB
Ulf Ingemarson, CEO Simplicity AB
Hans Bergqvist, vice president Simplicity AB
Henrik Tingstorp, vice president Simplicity AB


Peter Nilsson, PwC AB

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