We are Simplicity.

Our headquarter is situated in Varberg on the Swedish west coast combined with a client relations office in Stockholm. The organization is built with efficiency and quality as keywords. The ambition is to generate long-term value growth and long-term relationships with our unit owners and partners.

You reach us on Simplicity by email by [first name] @ simplicity.se.

Ulf Ingemarson

CEO | Partner | Fund Manager – Equity


Hans Bergqvist

VP | Partner |  Market/IT/Personnel

Henrik Tingstorp

VP | Partner | Fund Manager – Fixed Income

Fabian Dahl

Partner | Fund Manager – Fixed Income

Anton Kristiansson

Fund Manager – Equity

Magnus Thyni

Fund Manager – Fixed Income

Johan Rönliden

Risk Officer


Jonas Hall

Partner | Responsible for Investor & Client Relations


Simon Hansen

Investor & Client Relations

Tommy Taponen

Investor & Client Relations

Anna Warfvinge

Investor & Client Relations

Hanna Kläppe

Finance Manager

Lena Wehlin

Backoffice/Fund Administration

Benny Andersson

Backoffice/Fund Administration Officer



Marie Ingemarson

Backoffice/Fund Administration

Petter Forslund

Backoffice/Corporate Actions

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