Nine funds covering markets in over 40 countries worldwide.

We manage five equity funds with geographical focus on the nordic markets. Our first equity fund, Simplicity Norden, was launched in 2002 when Simplicity was founded. In recent years we have broadened the offering with additions for our clients seeking global equity exposures through Simplicity Småbolag Global. For exposure to Swedish equities, we offer both a traditional Swedish fund and an exciting version that focuses on Swedish small cap companies. On December 11th 2020 we launched a dedicated real estate equity fund, Simplicity Fastigheter. The fund is co-managed by our equity team and fixed income team, which makes the fund quite unique.

Our four fixed income funds vary in focus from short-term SEK denominated interest bearing securities through Simplicity Likviditet to bonds issued by global companies through Simplicity Global Corporate Bond. Our Nordic DNA is also found among the fixed income funds through Simplicity Företagsobligationer.

Regardless of which fund you choose to invest in, our motto will always be present: High risk-adjusted returns before high risky returns.

Fixed Income Funds

Our fixed income fund offering consist of one money market fund, Simplicity Likviditet, and three corporate bond funds, Simplicity Företagsobligationer, Simplicity Global Corporate Bond and Simplicity High Yield. Our strategy for our corporate bond funds is to combine macroeconomic forecasts and extensive bottom-up credit analysis, including a comprehensive risk assessment, in order to actively identify investment opportunities and seek to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

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