Simplicity Indien

India is already one of the world's 15 largest economies with a huge English-speaking population and is one of the most growing countries in the world right now. Simplicity Indien was launched in December 2004.

Opportunities in India
The Indian economy is growing fast mainly due to the reforms implemented over the last 15 years. Rising prosperity for the numerous population together with radical investments in the infrastructure points clearly to continued good growth. The country is also top modern, concerning such issues as IT solutions, software and pharmaceuticals. The driving force in the Indian economy is the growing middle class, which today covers about 300 million Indians. India's 1.1 billion people are increasing its consumption even more.

The service sector accounts for 52% of the GDP. Information technology is the industry which has grown most rapidly in India so far. Approximately 65% of the world's outsourcing business in information technology is in India.

About the Fund
Simplicity was one of the first Swedish fund companies to start a pure India fund. The fund invests in shares geographically linked to India. There are several market places in India and Simplicity trades on two of them, NSE, National Stock Exchange of India, and BSE, Bombay Stock Exchange. The investments are made, like Simplicity's other equity funds, strictly according to our proprietary SimplicityTM investment model, which selects the best performing shares on the basis of quantitative analysis.