Launched in 2002, Simplicity Norden is our first fund. Since its launch, it has outperformed its benchmark and is one of the best performing Nordic funds in terms of both risk-adjusted returns and total return.

The portfolio of Simplicity Norden consists of stocks traded at the stock exchanges in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. As the fund invests in the whole Nordic region it is more diversified compared to, for example, a pure Swedish equity fund, which lowers the country specific risks. The investment decisions are made according to a structured and disciplined process. The goal of our investment strategy is to identify quality companies at attractive valuations with emphasis on risk analysis. Investment decisions are based on analysis of the underlying company performance as well as fundamental and qualitative factors. In accordance with our investment strategy the investment decisions do not take into consideration either weight or size of stocks in the index.

Risk management is a central part of Simplicity’s management process and it is therefore important that sustainability risks are considered and monitored just like other types of risks. Simplicity Norden is a fund that promotes environmental and social characteristics. The fund does not invest in companies that produce or distribute weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and fossil fuels. The fund also does not invest in companies that systematically violate international standards.

To measure and monitor the environmental and social impact, Simplicity has access to several different methods, services, and data sources. The fund has documented investment and sustainability processes that the managers follow. The managers have access to several different data sources, including Bloomberg and MSCI. The fund’s holdings are regularly screened with the help of MSCI. The person responsible for Simplicity’s risk function audits, independently of the managers, that the fund complies with established criteria.

Read more about the fund’s sustainable investments in the fund’s prospectus and on our page for responsible investments.

Morningstar Fund Awards 2019
Simplicity Norden
Best Nordic Equity Fund

Fund facts

  • 2002.09.23
  • 1,60%
  • 100 SEK
  • 5457-2839
  • 14:00 CET

Risk information

  • 0
  • High (5)
  • 14,57%
  • 0,31

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested. The fund's value can fluctuate significantly due to its composition and fund management methods used by the Fund Management Company.

Performance of the fund


  • 0.04%
  • 0.38%
  • -0.42%
  • -7.64%
  • -10.90 %
  • 15.49 %
  • 13.60 %
  • 902.79%
  • -13.65%

Holdings and distribution

Industry distribution

  • 38.0%
  • 15.0%
  • 12.0%
  • 10.0%
  • 7.0%
  • 5.0%
  • 5.0%
  • 1.0%
  • 1.0%

10 largest holdings

  • 4.6%
  • 4.3%
  • 4.2%
  • 3.6%
  • 3.3%
  • 3.2%
  • 3.0%
  • 2.8%
  • 2.6%
  • 2.5%

Geographical distribution

  • 42.2%
  • 26.7%
  • 15.5%
  • 15.2%
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