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Who we are and what we do

Simplicity is an independent, partner-owned fund company headquartered in Varberg on the Swedish west coast. Since 2002, Simplicity has been an authorized fund management company by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Managing approximately 27 billion SEK for private investors, institutions, and companies, our funds are accessible directly through our company or via domestic and international agents. 

We manage both equity and fixed income funds within selected areas guided by our underlying investment philosophy aimed at achieving good long-term risk-adjusted returns. Our mission is to provide stable returns with lower risk for our clients.

Our active, structured, and disciplined investment processes focus on well-managed quality companies that meet our criteria for responsible and sustainable investments. Rigorous risk assessment is integral to our approach. Diversifying risk by investing in various companies across different industries enables us to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns over time.

With experienced equity and fixed income managers who have demonstrated success in different market climates, we strive to consistently deliver strong risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

Fund Management

Since 2002, Simplicity has been an authorized fund management company by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, actively managing equity and bond funds based on our overarching investment philosophy with the aim of achieving long-term, strong risk-adjusted returns.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management service offers discretionary portfolios to foundations, institutions, corporations, and affluent individuals. We can also provide advisory management for those who prefer to take an active role in investment decisions.

Foundation Service

Simplicity offers a tailored comprehensive solution for foundations concerning management, administration, accounting, board administration, and application management

Our team

Our team is composed of  20 employees with extensive experience in fund- & portfolio management.

Contact persons

CEO / COO Equity Funds – Ulf Ingemarson
COO Fixed Income Funds- Henrik Tingstorp
CIO / Marketing & Personnel – Hans Bergqvist
Fund Administration – Benny Andersson
Risk Manager – Simon Hansen

(E-mail: [first name]

Board of directors

Jonas Wollin (Chairman), Rudholm Group AB
Michael Lindengren, Chairman at Acrap AB
Ulf Ingemarson, CEO Simplicity AB
Hans Bergqvist, VP Simplicity AB
Henrik Tingstorp, VP Simplicity AB
Johanna Ingemarson, Simplicity AB


Carl Fogelberg, PwC AB

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