Simplicity offers investors attractive and sustainable investment possibilities in equity and fixed income funds, with varying risk levels but always focused on risk-adjusted returns.

Simplicity is an independent partner owned fund company with headquarter in Varberg on the Swedish west coast. We were founded in 2002, so our 20th jubilee is just around the corner.

The company was founded by Mr. Ulf Ingemarson who since day one has been the CEO and chief investment officer for our equity funds and the creator of our investment philosophy for the equity funds. All partners hold central positions in the day to day activities of the fund company, such as equity and fixed income management, distribution, personnel, and IT.

At Simplicity we manage approximately 20 billion SEK for private investors, institutions, and companies alike. All our funds are available directly via the fund company as well as via domestic and international agents. If you reside in Sweden, we can also offer investments via the ISK account format.

We manage both equity and fixed income funds within selected areas according to our underlying investment philosophy and goal of generating good long-term risk adjusted returns. Our mission is to generate stable returns at a lower risk to our clients.

Our active, structured, and disciplined investment processes with a clear focus on well-managed quality companies that fulfil our requirements regarding responsible and sustainable investments helps us achieve our goal. Risk assesment for each individual investment is high on the agenda. All our fund portfolios diversify risks by investing in many companies within different industries, which enables us to generate good risk adjusted returns over time.

Our equity and fixed income managers have proven track records and experience to generate good risk adjusted returns during different market climates.


All our co-workers can be reached via e-mail using the format “first”.

Get to know the people working at Simplicity

Contact persons

CEO / CIO Equity Funds – Ulf Ingemarson
Marketing & Personnel – Hans Bergqvist
CIO Fixed Income Funds- Henrik Tingstorp
Fund Administration – Benny Andersson
Risk Manager – Simon Hansen


Board of directors

Jonas Wollin (Chairman), Rudholm Group AB
Michael Lindengren, Chairman at Acrap AB
Ulf Ingemarson, CEO Simplicity AB
Hans Bergqvist, VP Simplicity AB
Henrik Tingstorp, VP Simplicity AB
Johanna Ingemarson, Simplicity AB


Carl Fogelberg, PwC AB

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