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News – 7 September

Monthly Report August 2022

Fixed Income Portfolio Managers comments After a quiet start in August with stable returns in most asset classes, volatility and risk aversion rose gradually. The main explanation for the deteriorating sentiment was increased concern that high inflation will force central banks to raise their policy rates more than expected, which caused yields on government bonds […]

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News – 9 August

Monthly Report July 2022

Fixed Income Portfolio Managers comments July was another volatile month in rates- and credit markets, as investors continue to balance the outlook for interest rates, inflation and growth. In Europe, natural gas prices rose significantly during the month due to the dependence on Russian gas, which resulted in the German government buying 30% of energy […]

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Nine investment funds that cover markets in more than 40 countries across the world.

At Simplicity we manage five equity funds and four fixed income funds which primarily focuses on the Nordic region and Sweden, complemented with global investments. Our goal is to generate long-term risk adjusted returns, where we over time deliver good return at a lower risk. This is achieved by a structured and disciplined investment process with a clear focus on investments in well-managed quality companies. Our fund managers have documented competence and experience, with a proven track record to generate good risk adjusted returns in different market climates.

Our first fund, Simplicity Norden, was launched in 2002 and we have since then complemented our equity funds offering with a traditional Swedish equity fund, Simplicity Sverige, which invests in large- to mid-cap companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Investors seeking to invest in well-managed small-cap companies are offered a Swedish equities alternative in Simplicity Småbolag Sverige. Small-cap companies have historically, as a group, generated higher returns than large-cap companies, and in this fund, we capture the value creation and potential returns among Swedish small-cap companies. Based on the same philosophy as our Swedish small-cap fund we also offer Simplicity Småbolag Global to investors seeking small-cap investments, with a global mandate. On December 11th 2020 we launched a dedicated real estate equity fund, Simplicity Fastigheter. The fund is co-managed by our equity team and fixed income team, which makes the fund quite unique. The fixed income teams extensive experience in the real estate sector combined with their bottom-up fundamental analysis approach, combined with the equity teams proven track record in quantative oriented investment strategies makes Simplicity Fastigheter a really exciting real estate fund.

We offer four fixed income funds at different levels of risk, where all are currency hedged to the Swedish krona. Simplicity Likviditet offers a short duration exposure with a primary focus on bonds issued by Swedish companies. Our Nordic DNA can be found in Simplicity Företagsobligationer, and bonds issued by companies globally is offered via Simplicity Global Corporate Bond. With our latest fund offering, Simplicity High Yield, we offer investments within the high yield bond segment, where the majority of the funds holdings are bonds issued by sustainable Nordic companies.

Fixed Income funds

We offer four fixed income funds to investors seeking returns at a lower risk. Our fixed income managers use a structured fundamental analysis process in their management. Good risk adjusted returns have been achieved historically by active portfolio management in all fixed income funds. Our goal is to generate long term relationships with clients and partners alike by continued good results and continuity in the management processes.

Equity funds

We offer five equity portfolios all based on our fundamental investment philosophy which is characterized by risk awareness and long-term risk adjusted returns. We seek to find prime equities and companies based on the broader market trends in combination with analysis of profitability, valuation, risk, and momentum. Our fund managers maintain their focus on facts and measurable factors and aim their attention towards company performance rather than subjective assessments.

Fund performance

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Fund Date NAV 1 day 2022
Simplicity Norden A 2022-09-27 718.05 SEK 0.32% -19.13%
Simplicity Norden B 2022-09-27 105.44 SEK 0.32% -18.67%
Simplicity Sverige 2022-09-27 167.19 SEK 0.40% -26.51%
Simplicity Småbolag Sverige A 2022-09-27 160.34 SEK -0.01% -35.05%
Simplicity Småbolag Sverige B 2022-09-27 124.04 SEK -0.01% -36.43%
Simplicity Småbolag Sverige C 2022-09-27 142.44 SEK -0.01% -34.85%
Simplicity Småbolag Global 2022-09-27 128.66 SEK 0.05% -7.53%
Simplicity Fastigheter A 2022-09-27 71.56 SEK -3.71% -52.12%
Simplicity Fastigheter B 2022-09-27 67.98 SEK -3.71% -52.46%
Simplicity Fastigheter C 2022-09-27 72.03 SEK -3.72% -52.02%
Simplicity Företagsobligationer A 2022-09-27 124.44 SEK -0.08% -6.30%
Simplicity Företagsobligationer B 2022-09-27 102.15 SEK -0.08% -6.38%
Simplicity Företagsobligationer C 2022-09-27 101.86 SEK -0.08% -6.10%
Simplicity Global Corporate Bond A 2022-09-27 116.8 SEK -0.17% -9.64%
Simplicity Global Corporate Bond B 2022-09-27 89.83 SEK -0.18% -9.71%
Simplicity Global Corporate Bond C 2022-09-27 96.17 SEK -0.18% -9.31%
Simplicity Likviditet A 2022-09-27 112.55 SEK 0.00% -0.49%
Simplicity Likviditet B 2022-09-27 102.08 SEK 0.00% -0.44%
Simplicity High Yield A 2022-09-27 104.43 SEK -0.11% -6.48%
Simplicity High Yield B 2022-09-27 96.48 SEK -0.11% -6.44%
Simplicity High Yield C 2022-09-27 105.43 SEK -0.11% -6.14%
Simplicity Palma A 2022-09-26 109.79 SEK -0.15% -12.88%
Simplicity Palma B 2022-09-26 112.12 SEK -0.15% -12.51%
Simplicity Green Impact A 2022-09-26 102.02 SEK -0.79% 2.02%
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