8 March

Simplicity dividends 2022

On April 25th, 2022 dividends will be paid from below funds managed by Simplicity:

Simplicity Företagsobligationer share class B (SE0006963617)
Simplicity Global Corporate Bond share class B (SE0007948237)
Simplicity High Yield share class B (SE0014555231)
Simplicity Småbolag Sverige share class B (SE0009161557)
Simplicity Fastigheter share classB (SE0015243282)

All unitholders in above funds on ex- and record-date April 25th 2022 are eligible for the dividend.

Dividend amounts:

Simplicity Företagsobligationer B: 3,25 SEK per share
Simplicity Global Corporate Bond B: 4,47 SEK per share
Simplicity High Yield B: 4,07 SEK per share
Simplicity Småbolag Sverige B: 5,00% of NAV as of April 25th 2022.
Simplicity Fastigheter B: 5,00% of NAV as of April 25th 2022.

The dividend will be paid cash on April 26th 2022. If you wish to re-invest the dividend in new units, please contact Simplicity via backoffice@simplicity.se or by phone +46 (0) 340 21 95 00 no later than April 13th 2022. 

If you have any questions regarding the dividends or your holdings, please contact our customer service department via phone +46 (0) 340 21 95 00 or via e-mail address kundservice@simplicity.se.


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